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First impressions are important. Whether you are meeting new clients, hiring top candidates or maintaining a positive corporate culture, it’s important that your space sends the right message.

But impressive office design doesn’t have to mean a major investment. These affordable office furnishing tricks will help you set up a great-looking space that’s within budget.

Defeat clutter with simple storage solutions

An untidy office looks unprofessional. Create a clean and well-ordered workspace by bringing in simple and affordable accessories to organize your office supplies, hide computer cords and organize loose papers.

If you’re looking for larger storage solutions like filing cabinets or bookcases, save some money by opting for pre-owned furnishings. We have a huge selection of lateral files in stock.

Invest in good office chairs that you won’t have to replace

Lower end office chairs may save money upfront but they tend to fall apart and loose lumbar support, costing more over the long term. Superior options, such as the Steelcase Leap or the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller, have great lumbar support and will last a decade.

Make the long-term investment. Your bottom line – and your employees – will thank you!

Showcase your corporate culture with pre-owned statement pieces

Pre-owned furniture is a great low-cost option to update the look of your workplace and reaffirm your corporate culture for employees and visitors.

Whether your office is casual, corporate or modern, you can pick bold pieces that you can get at a fraction of full price. Reception desks, bar stools and Whiteboards are a good start.

Make furniture work harder with multi-functionality

A lot of your existing furniture probably isn’t working “at capacity”.

Be creative about how existing pieces can do double duty to make the most of precious desk space, meeting rooms and eating areas. Turn bookcases into room dividers, 3-high storage units or filing cabinets into tabletops for printers & scanners or pedestal drawer units can double as a stools. Office furnishings that work twice as hard? Now that’s impressive.

Add some greenery to your office environment

Whether you have tons of natural light or just a few windows, indoor plants are an easy (and cheap!) way to bring new life into your office. Pothos and snake plants can handle most light conditions and are available anywhere that sells indoor plants.

Want to go even more green? Impress prospective clients and staff by choosing recycled office furniture.

Track can help

Track has all your furniture needs — pre-owned, rental or top-of-the line chairs. Contact us or visit our Toronto Showroom.

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