How Workplace Design Supports Employee Health and Wellness

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Overhead view of two men and a woman sitting at an office workspace

A workplace injury never happens when it’s convenient. By providing a well-designed work environment that supports employee wellness, organizations can protect both workers and productivity rates. Even if you already provide an ergonomic workplace, here’s a refresher with some helpful tips to make sure you haven’t overlooked some essential practices. A range of workplace factors, […]

3 Crucial Ways Office Design Impacts Your Company Culture

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global furniture workstations in an office workspace

Your office’s design is a powerful element that shapes your work relationships, processes and overall company culture. A poorly designed office can lead to decreased morale and productivity, while a good layout can enhance your brand image and employee satisfaction. When designing your office, it’s important to examine how the choices you make send a […]

What Employees Value in an Office Chair

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Decommissioning Services

Office managers know that the little things make a difference. Employees value their pay and working environment. But their equipment makes a difference too. And for people who spend all day at a workstation or desk, the quality of their office chair is top of the list. Have you ever worked with someone whose office […]

5 Affordable Tricks for Furnishing an Office to Impress

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Furnishing Office Tips

First impressions are important. Whether you are meeting new clients, hiring top candidates or maintaining a positive corporate culture, it’s important that your space sends the right message. But impressive office design doesn’t have to mean a major investment. These affordable office furnishing tricks will help you set up a great-looking space that’s within budget. […]

Instant Stations for your Growing Workplace

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Successful business growth relies on adaptability: a superior ability to respond to changing requirements. The same goes for your team and workspace. Adaptability, flexibility and speed are key to getting them up-and-running and productive. Every phase has different requirements. In the development phase you will have more developers and no customer service reps. In the […]

Office Managers and Employees Love Steelcase Leap Chairs

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Steelcase Leap Chair

When it comes to setting up your office space, the people have spoken. Who are the people we’re talking about? They’re your employees, team leaders and office managers. They’re the ones who take that office space and equipment and turn it into a productive, smooth-running workplace. Your people are in those chairs all day (and […]

10 Steps to an Affordable, Productive Office Space

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We work with a lot of growing organizations looking for ways to create productive and affordable working spaces. Some organizations choose the “agency” style – creative collaboration in a shared open concept area with shared conference rooms on the outside. Just imagine the offices on tv’s “Mad Men.” Others stick with the traditional corporate style […]

8 Benefits of a Great Workstation

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Every career aspiration starts with a vision of doing the job and being happy. It’s never a boring image – a beautiful workstation with everything in its place helps bring the vision together. A great workstation makes all the difference. Here are 8 benefits you’ll get from a great workstation. 1. Customization It’s not a […]

People love their workstations. Give them something to love.

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Office Workstations

People love their workstations. Just look at the nicknames they give them: “cubby,” “bullpen” or “vortex.” Once we even heard of an “enchanted garden.” People’s workstations are personalized, customized, organized and itemized. It’s the place they work, plan, concentrate, remember, socialize, day-dream and celebrate. Today’s Workstation: Arrangements are Changing Today the centralized corporate setup is […]

Setting up Your Office Workstations

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We were recently asked to set up office workstations for a digital marketing firm.  They were a small, company positioned for growth and they were moving into a new office space. We were going to help our client assess their needs and plan the layout of the office workstations. We thought that we could leverage […]