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Any business owner can tell you that healthy employees and a happy office manager will take you 90 percent of the way to making your business processes work smoothly and effectively.

What about the other 10 percent?

That’s where your team’s ingenuity and drive – those extra efforts they bring when they’re happy – take you the rest of the way.

Did you hear that? They go the extra mile when they’re happy. Yes, you heard right. You’re getting the message now.

Make it happen. There are things in your immediate control to create a healthy, happy environment where your teams dig in and your processes work.

Creating a serious environment

The first step is creating an environment that shows you’re serious about doing great work.

Not sure where to start? Here’s an easy one. Start where people spend their time: sitting in their chairs.

A decent chair makes all the difference.

Too many organizations buy their chairs from their local office supply store. They pay $200 because that seems reasonable, but the quality is just not there. Inevitably they’re back at that store within 18 months finding a replacement. More importantly their employees are uncomfortable and are more focused on back pain than getting their tasks done and being creative.

Invest in a chair that provides superior quality, comfort and customization. Pre-owned models come at reasonable prices and the quality is a serious step up from office supply store chairs. Our pre-owned quality chairs start in the $200 range!

Your employees will thank you for it!

Creating a flexible environment

If your organization isn’t changing, then you’re not moving. You’re not growing or succeeding. You want constant movement – teams expanding, groups collaborating, projects starting and delivering.

Your office space should reflect this activity. However, moving workspaces can be time-consuming and a huge hassle. Easy-to-transform instant workstations like the Steelcase Answer are the solution. At the same time, the Global or IOF Benching systems are great for customization and flexibility to suit your office size and layout.

Employees love the flexibility of maintaining their workspace but then coming together as a team when the problem needs collaboration. These workstations let them collaborate easily and without hassle.

Your office manager will also thank you for the ease of setup and configuration.

Creating a healthy environment

We’ve talked about the benefits of daily productivity. It’s important. But the long-term benefits – improved health and happiness – are even more important.

The Aeron chair is the ultimate chair for posture customization. One single model can be repurposed for different employees as the need arises.

Creating a fun environment

People are happy and productive when they’re having fun. They go the extra mile!

This product is fun:

Global’s River series is a fresh fun approach to reception and teaming areas. With 3 different height backs: 32”, 41.5” and 47” or no back benches, options for straight or curved units, 2-tone upholstery, built in power/data ports and complimentary tables. You can have a lot of fun making this area a place to relax, gather, and work.

Serious, Flexible, Healthy and Fun – Make it Happen!

Track Office Furniture is serious, flexible, healthy and fun. Contact us today.

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