Do you Deliver?

We have currently suspended chair deliveries to residences, we will still deliver to commercial buildings provided the proper COVID-19 protocols are in place (social distancing, and face masks). We are still delivering, installing, removing, products across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) as we have been deemed an essential service. We can also package and ship truckloads of product anywhere in North America.

How dose Decommissioning work?

Track pays the client to take the furniture away
Track takes away the furniture at no charge
The client pays Track to take the furniture away
There are many factors that affect the resale value of workstations:
-how many units do you have?

– how high are the panels? 51-54″ high panels are the most valuable

– What is the footprint or station size: 5.5′ – 6.6′ square is the current “sweet spot”. This can also change based on demand.

– “bells & whistles”: pedestal drawer units (box/box/file or file/file), lighting, accessories, shelves, power, keyboard mechanisms

– finishes/colour (it’s hard to resell pink, even though it was “IN” 20 years ago)

-condition: used or really used?

-accessibility, how easily can we get it from you to us

The best is to set up an appointment to see what you have and what it will cost you/us to get it to us.

We need your location and a mutually agreeable time, we can visit anywhere in the GTA.

Once we agree on terms our people will coordinate & facilitate the removal of your product within the prearranged timeline.

How do I select a chair?:

Chair selection should be based on function, comfort, and budget: There are many different styles of chairs, each for different functions: Tilter, Task, 24 hour,Guest, bar & counter height stool, Bariatric, stacking, Armchairs or single seat lounge, Love seats, and 3-seat couches. Once we know what chair you need and your budget, we can recommend many options. Test drives are our pleasure, we can show you many great selections.