Preowned Herman Miller Aeron Chair Size B with Headrest

*Please note, headrest can be applied to any size Aeron*

If you have endured long hours sitting at an desk then you know how crucial sitting comfortably is for productivity. Rather than having to frequently maneuver around to find the least pain-inducing posture, people should be able to sit in a chair that’s specifically designed to support their comfort. Aeron chair by Herman Miller was the first chair designed to adjust and support the body.

Here are the key benefits Aeron offers and why you should consider it for your workspace:

The Aeron chair is the ultimate seating option when it comes to position customization. There are no physical criteria for office employees – people of all shapes and sizes need a chair that’s going to support their specific body frame. These seats come with the option of simple adjustment controls, so no matter what your body type is, you can find the right height and support you need to make those long office hours more comfortable.

One of the most common factors associated with work-related back pain is the type of office chair an individual sits in.

The simple fact is that employees spending the work day sitting down should be seated in a chair that best caters to their bodies. Aeron chair researchers from Herman Miller have conducted studies finding that test subjects preferred the spinal and pelvic support provided by Aeron chairs. Think of your office chair like a bed: One spends nearly eight hours a day on it – shouldn’t it be on one that’s proven to boost comfort?






Fabric Headrest only $200.00 – in stock

Mesh Headrest only $250.00 – in stock

Combination pricing (Headrest + Aeron chair)

Price (Aeron Size B 2 button + Fabric Headrest) -($650 + 200) = $850.00 

Price (Aeron Size B 2 button + Mesh Headrest) -($650 + 250) = $900.00 

Additional options;

New arm caps add $ 50.00

New Hardwood casters add $ 50.00

Note: The Aeron chairs are Pre-owned, however all headrests are new manufactured by Atlas