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It is a common misconception that office furniture solutions are intended strictly for the office. Perhaps the need for traditional office furniture is limited to administrative offices, but what about long term care facilities and retirement homes? Don’t they need comfortable and safe furniture to make residents feel at home and comfortable in their surroundings?


The office furniture industry has come a long way and has expanded into this sector with great success. Global has led the way in the health care furniture industry for 25 years

5 Furnishing Requisites for Seniors’ Residences


1. Durability

Chairs and tables must be able to withstand frequent use and daily bumps from contact with walkers, carts and canes


2. Accessibility

Products need to be easy to get in and out of for elderly

  • dimensions of each piece should be precisely calculated with consideration of the proper seat depth and height that is recommended for seniors


3. Safety

  • furniture frames should be specially scaled and weighted with residents’ safety and comfort in mind


4. Hygiene

  • furniture must be upholstered in fabrics that have antimicrobial product protection
  • all products should be covered in vibrant Heath Care Grade Vinyl to promote easy cleaning
  • all products should be tested to withstand heavy duty Virox type disinfectants required to control infectious diseases
  • furniture needs to be designed without “traps” to prevent food from collecting and sealed seams which will block the absorption of liquids

5. Comfort 

Seniors’ Residences don’t have to feel like institutions. If they possess the previous 4 requirements they will contribute significantly to residents’ overall well-being.

  • the use of warm colours will accommodate declining vision
  • thicker and softer foam padding gives added support and relief
  • appropriate styling can make residents feel at home, encourage visitors to stay a while, at the same time, ensuring their safety and continued good health


Track Office Furniture is proud to be a partner of Global Care (a division of Global Upholstery) dedicated to meeting and exceeding the above requirements. We have worked closely with facility administrators and Global’s Health Care representatives to successfully furnish many Senior’s Residences.

One of the many ways we are keeping your office on Track!


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