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Steelcase Leap Chairs When it comes to setting up your office space, the people have spoken. Who are the people we’re talking about?

They’re your employees, team leaders and office managers. They’re the ones who take that office space and equipment and turn it into a productive, smooth-running workplace.

Your people are in those chairs all day (and sometimes longer), so they’re quick to tell you the products that work best. Whenever this topic comes up, a couple products come to the forefront – the Steelcase Leap Chair is one of them.

The Steelcase Leap is a great chair that meets everyone’s needs, including yours. Let’s see how.

“Customizability”: Steelcase Leap Chairs Fit Your Needs

Steelcase Leap chairs are designed to go beyond basic adjustable and tilt functionalities. This includes:

• Lower back firmness dial, and
• Customizable lumbar support bars

It’s entirely customizable. Users can adjust the seat to their personal preference.

Greater Comfort and Fit

Steelcase Leap offer a long list of customizable features.

You can even glide into comfort. Leap has a glide system at the base of the seat which adjusts to the user’s recline accordingly. Reclining backward, for instance, pushes the base of the seat forward without moving the entire unit, which allows readjustment of body weight for maximum comfort.

The other adjustable features have multiple angles and directions:

Four Position Armrests

Steelcase’s four-position armrest is a great feature to help you set the chair in the a natural position that support your arm and releases tension on the elbows and wrists while working.

Five Incline Angles

Leap also offers a flexible “push back” at the base of the seat, along with an added Back Stop lever which offers five angles of inclination for the user to select from, enhancing the lower back support features of the chair.


Steelcase Leap chairs feature a back system that changes shape to fit the natural curve of the user’s back. This feature provides maximum comfort while preventing pressure buildup on the spine. It also helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

Steelcase Leap Keeps You Cool

The Steelcase Leap upholstery is breathable. Air vents at the seat’s back padding provide an ideal environment for aeration, prevent the buildup of heat and moisture, and ensure comfort throughout a working day.

Durability and Dependability

Steelcase Leap chairs were built for durability and dependability. Specifically, Steelcase Leap chairs:

• Have thick padding to increase comfort while still maintaining the breathability
• Weigh an average of 45.8 pounds
• Allow up to 5 inches of lowering and raising
• can accommodate individuals of up to 300 pounds easily

With a width of 27 inches, the Steelcase Leap chair fits easily in most offices

Sustainable Materials and Recycling

Steelcase is serious about environmental sustainability seriously. Its Steelcase Leap chair is 94 percent recyclable by weight. It is built from materials consisting largely of vinyl, leather, and Steelcase or Designtex fabric.

The chair was even built with an end of life plan. Leap is easily disassembled into various components which can then be packaged and sent back to the manufacturers thanks to their “Steelcase Environment Partnership Program”

A Great Chair is a Great Investment

A great chair is a great investment. We say this repeatedly because it’s true. Too many people visit their local business supply store and pay $200 for a chair. Within two years, they’re back at that store when the chair falls apart.

Compare that to paying $400 (the non-new price) for a chair like a Steelcase Leap that you will serve you dependably and productively for more than a decade.

Track has Steelcase Leap in Stock

Track has thousands of great chairs in stock, including hundreds of Steelcase Leap chair. Visit our showroom and find the product that meets your growing company’s needs.

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    You are right in saying a good chair is an investment. People need to consider how much time they are going to be spending on these chairs.