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Successful business growth relies on adaptability: a superior ability to respond to changing requirements.

The same goes for your team and workspace.

Adaptability, flexibility and speed are key to getting them up-and-running and productive.

Every phase has different requirements.

  • In the development phase you will have more developers and no customer service reps.
  • In the launch phase, you will have more design, marketing, sales and people.
  • As your business expands, you will have account reps, developers and customer service agents.

In the summer months, you have students. At year-end, you add extra accounts payable people. When a new product line launches, you need extra people to handle service and sales calls.

Your workplace is always changing. Flexibility is the key.

Workspaces Can Be Configured Differently

A big part of staying adaptable is having the ability to reconfigure your workspace.

Instant Stations provide workstations in the dimensions – height, length, depth and shape – that you need.

We feature two workstations that work perfectly for a growing organization’s flexible needs.

  1. Teknion TOS
  2. Steelcase Answer

The Teknion TOS Workstation

Let’s look at how Teknion TOS could meet your changing needs.

Shapes – Teknion TOS shapes are flexible. They can be configured as:

  • Touch down or “hoteling stations,” or
  • “L” shaped stations, or
  • “U” shaped stations.

Sizes – The sizes are equally flexible. The workstations can be configured as: 5’, 5.5’, 6’, 6.5’ or 7’ wide stations, all with the by same depths). We have access to many different width panels: 2’, 2.5’, 3’, 3.5’, 4’, or 5’ so panels can be customized (within 6”) to fit your space.

Heights – The workstations come in three heights: 42”, 51” or 66”. There is also a 15” stack on component so you can increase the height (and privacy) if and where required

Different sizes mean convenience, but matching your style and needs are the ticket to real satisfaction. The Teknion TOS workstations come in blue-green fabric, but they can be re-upholstered to any colour.

The Steelcase Answer Workstation

The Steelcase Answer workstation is equally dynamic. The Steelcase Answer can be configured as:

  • 6’ x 6’ or 7’ x 7’ in an “L” shape, or
  • 3’ or 4’ call centre arrangement for touchdown or hoteling spots

Steelcase Answer is in stock in four colours, or re-upholstered in your choice of fabrics. We also offer your choice of existing laminates or your choice of new surface laminate.

Instant Stations Help You Stay Flexible

Track Office Furniture has hundreds of instant stations in stock, and access to a near endless supply. We deliver and install quickly. Contact Track today to discuss instant stations for your growing company.

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